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Origin Story

Trogon was founded in the Middle-East to support the oil and gas exploration industry

Origin Story

Trogon’s origins begin in the oilfields of the Middle-East, in the oil exploration and drilling.  Oil companies regularly deploy large temporary camps in remote regions that rely heavily on data connectivity to support their critical business operations and staff welfare. 

In large parts of the Middle-East, there is no fixed telecoms infrastructure, so the company relied heavily on cellular, microwave and satellite communications.  This is where Trogon developed its specific expertise in rapidly deployable, multi-technology connectivity.

In 2017 it became apparent that there were strong parallels between the oil exploration and residential construction sector.  Both had demanding requirements for high-speed, high-performance connectivity deployed rapidly to temporary locations with zero infrastructure.

Trogon began offering its unique service to the UK building sector and is now the leading provider of connectivity to the UK housebuilding industry with over 600 active sites in the UK. 

Trogon’s capability was quickly acknowledged by other industries and today Trogon serves a growing number of sectors in the UK and beyond.

Industry Sectors

These diverse sectors are united in the need for high-performance enterprise-grade connectivity anywhere, often delivered at very short notice.








Hospitality & Events

Small & Medium Business




Oil & Gas Exploration

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Armed Forces Covenant

Trogon is an active member of the Armed Forces Covenant scheme, which promotes and supports the UK’s Armed Forces.

Trogon recognises the huge contribution that men and women in the services make to the UK and the sometimes difficult transition from the armed forces to mainstream employment.

Trogon support leavers with retraining and learning new skills.

Trogon’s employees with Reserve Forces commitments know that should they be called upon at short notice to serve, their commitment will be honoured and their job protected.

In addition to supporting the Armed Forces Covenant, Trogon also supports the work of:

The Sandhurst Trust

Careers Transition Partnership (CTP)

The Army Foundation College, Harrogate

Trogon's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Supporting the NHS

Trogon thanks the NHS for their tireless efforts in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We have been proud to support the NHS in our small way.

We used our technology to connect a BUPA Hospital to the Great Western Hospital, Swindon during the pandemic.  By providing an encrypted connection between the NHS hospital and the private hospital we were able to allow access to patient records and NHS systems within days.

This meant that the BUPA could be set up as a “clean” hospital and used to treat highly vulnerable oncology patients away from potential cross-infection from COVID-19 patients.

Trogon was able to provide this encrypted 3.5km connection and service in under forty-eight hours, significantly faster than the NHS’s incumbent vendor, who quoted several months to lay a fibre connection.

We are proud to have supported the NHS during the crisis and we thank you for your service.

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