Trogon Launch New Corporate Website

Trogon Launch New Corporate Website

Trogon Launch New Website

Trogon – The Agile, Innovative and Trusted Internet Service Provider are proud to launch their new corporate website.

Trogon has grown significantly over the past few years and needed a new website to reflect the company’s increased portfolio and growing customer base.

Growing Customer Base

Trogon’s customer base has expanded significantly and the Gloucester-based company now has over twenty live customers and supports more than six-hundred separate deployments.  The impact of the global pandemic has actually increased demand for Trogon’s exceptional services.

Expanded Service Portfolio

Unlike many ISPs that rely on a single main technology, Trogon has a broad selection of technologies that enable it to deliver its enterprise-grade connectivity in the most remote and challenging locations.  

In addition to its four main connectivity services, Trogon also provides four specialised managed network services, often required by businesses to adequately support their systems and processes.

This is why Trogon is currently the leading supplier of enterprise connectivity to the UK Luxury Homebuilding market.


“Trogon has experienced unprecedented growth in 2020 and the global pandemic has accelerated demand for our services.

We’ve been pleased to add a number of new customers, such as of NHS Trusts, Airstream Facilities and BMS Technology Sales, all of whom needed specialised services and solutions. We are particularly excited about the launch of our solutions into the upstream oil and gas sector where we are helping remote locations have reliable services. We are also delighted to be able to announce that we are in discussion to deploy Emergency Services Network (ESN) compliant equipment in specialist response and command vehicles.

We have also found that the sudden move to mass home working has lead to a huge demand for our Trogon Broadband Boost service, for companies who have employees whose home broadband isn’t adequate for regular business use, or who want to best ensure that home workers have robust network security in place.

Our agility and ability to provide bespoke solutions and the highest levels of customer support and service, sets us apart from the competition.”

Ian O'Bryan

Managing Director, Trogon