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Trogon Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)


You can see the full terms of your Agreement as it is also attached to this abbreviated email. It’s important that you read and understand the full terms before you sign up.

1. Charges/Price increases

Each year your Monthly Subscription Charges will be subject to an annual adjustment by the RPI Rate, (which could be an increase or a decrease) and the adjusted amount will first appear on your April bill. E.g. below (RPI rates illustrative only):

Assuming your tariff is £30 a month when you sign up in September.

Year 1: On your first April bill you would see your tariff £30.78 a month (if RPI Rate announced in the February preceding the RPI Change was 2.6%) i.e. £30 x 1.026 = £30.78; and

Year 2: On your next April bill you would see your airtime tariff increase to £31.52 a month (if RPI Rate announced in the February preceding the RPI Change was 2.4%), i.e. £30.78 x 1.024 = £31.51872.

You must pay the Charges for the Services you subscribe to every month by the date on your bill. Your inclusive allowances cover mainland UK data only. Please see our Tariff Terms for more details about specific tariffs and Charges outside your allowances.

If you are on a Shared Tariff you as the lead connection and account holder will be responsible for all the Charges for the Shared Tariff and all connections within the sharer group, even though others may use those SIM Cards, have separate tariffs and/or may pay their bill separately. If the account holder/lead connection is late paying, is disconnected or cancels their Agreement it will affect the rest of the group.

We may charge interest or fees if you’re late in paying. You have to pay by direct debit. We may ask you to pay a deposit before we’ll let you use the Services. We may increase or decrease our other prices from time to time. Some increases would give you the right to end your Agreement without paying the Monthly Subscription Charges for the remaining months of your Minimum Period.

 2. The Change-Your-Mind Period

If you change your mind about the Equipment you’ve got from us, you can return items once and exchange them for another within the 14 day Change-Your-Mind Period. You’ll only be able to do this if the Equipment is undamaged, unlocked (i.e. free of security or software locks), in its original packaging and you show your agreement. If you’d rather, you can return your Equipment and cancel your Pay Monthly Agreement during the Change-Your-Mind Period. You’ll be charged the full commercial rate for Non-Returns and for any data you may have used. If you’ve taken Services from us then you can also cancel within the 14 day Change-Your-Mind Period. You agree that Services will begin immediately if you already have a Data SIM Card or when you receive that SIM Card. You’ll have to pay for any data and other charges you’ve incurred, including during the Change-Your-Mind Period.

 3. Your Minimum Period

Your Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement has a minimum contract term called a Minimum Period. After that Minimum Period, you can end the Agreement by giving us 30 days’ notice and you will have to pay Charges during this notice period. Unless specified otherwise (such as in your Tariff Terms), if you want to end the Agreement during the Minimum Period or we end this Agreement as a result of your material breach, then you will have to pay a fee of no more than your Monthly Subscription Charges multiplied by the number of months left in your Minimum Period and if you’ve taken Equipment you will have to pay for it in full. We operate a rolling 30-day minimum term, so if on day 30 you notify us of your wish to terminate the contract with us will end 30 days from that date.

 4. The Services and Equipment we supply and what you can expect of us

Our Services aren’t available everywhere in the UK. You should check coverage in your area with us prior to ordering. The Services are not fault-free and speed and quality, for example, can be affected by things like the thickness of the walls of the building you’re in, atmospheric conditions, technical issues with networks and the number of people near you trying to access the Services at the same time. We will work with the network in various ways. You have the right to reject defective Equipment within a reasonable period as set out in our terms. However, if you ask to be sent a replacement and don’t return the original Equipment, you’ll be charged for Non-Returns.

 5. What we expect of you

We may end the Agreement if you don’t pay any Charges that are due; we reasonably believe the Service is being used fraudulently, illegally, in a way that harms the network, or to cause annoyance (among other things), for non-personal or business use; or if you’re bankrupt.

 6. How we use your information

As a Trogon customer, we may use and analyse your personal details to help us run your Service(s) and account, including for credit checking and fraud prevention. We may also use and analyse information about how you use Services to tell you about other products and services we think you might be interested in. We may share that data and your information with carefully selected third parties for all those same reasons.

 7. Payment Terms

You pay your Monthly Agreement with us in advance by Direct Debit

Your Monthly Agreement with us (this “Agreement”) is made up of different parts:

  • a “Services Agreement” which is about how you access the Network and other Services;
  • an “Equipment Agreement” that covers any Equipment give you when you sign up for our Services;
  • some general legal terms and conditions that apply to both the Service Agreement and the Equipment Agreement. We call them the “General Terms”;
  • Our “Tariff Terms” which can be viewed here: These change from time to time so we suggest you check them regularly;
  • our latest policy that sets out how we collect and use your personal information. We call this our “Privacy Policy”;
  • and any terms for other promotions, offers and services we may supply.

 8. Barring, disconnection of Airtime Services, locking and latching of Device

 Consequences of Missed Payments

Missing payments could have serious consequences as further described in clause 15 of the Important Legal Terms. You may have to repay what you owe early. Your credit records may be affected making it harder or more expensive to borrow again. It could result in legal proceedings being taken against you to recover what you owe. We may also take action under your Pay Monthly Airtime Agreement (including the Equipment Agreement), such as barring or disconnecting your Airtime Services.

Locking and latching of Device

In certain limited circumstances, such as where we receive your instructions to do so, or where we reasonably suspect fraud, we may disable or lock the Device.


Important – Use of your information

Trogon Group will use your information in line with our Privacy Policy.

We may pass your details to other selected third parties for the purposes of providing you with services and/or for marketing purposes including to offer you further products and services, (by phone, post, email, SMS, media messaging, or other means) which we think might interest you.

If you don’t want your details to be used for marketing purposes, please write to us c/o The Data Controller, Trogon Group, 20 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, or through the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.





Customer Declaration:

1. By signing this Agreement I confirm that I am 18 years or over and that the information provided is true and correct.

2. I confirm that I offer to enter into an agreement with Trogon Group on the terms set out in this document headed “Terms and Conditions” and the Important Legal Terms supplied with it.

3. I confirm that I have had the opportunity to review a copy of this agreement (including the Important Legal Terms) before signing, and that, in good time before I have signed this I have had the standard “Contract Information” given and/or explained to me. I have also read and agree to the “Important Use of your information” section.






Additional Information

To request additional information on Trogon's corporate policies please contact us using the link below