Trogon Broadband Boost can be claimed as a business expense

Trogon Broadband Boost can be claimed as a business expense

Improving home broadband for new home workers

The Coronavirus Pandemic has seen huge numbers of people moving from office-based working to home-based working.

Many people have found that their home broadband isn’t good enough for work, particularly if there are a number of concurrent users. 

Last year Trogon launched, Trogon Broadband Boost to address this problem.  


Trogon Broadband Boost

Broadband Boost is an enhancement to existing low-speed internet.  It is used to deliver premises with low-speed connectivity a service suitable for a business rather than a consumer.

Broadband Enhancement uses additional technologies such as cellular and satellite, bonded to your existing internet service to create a high-speed, high performance suitable for business.

The home workers dilema

If you are a new homeworker with broadband that is enough for your home needs but not good enough for business use you face a dilema.

Do you upgrade your home broadband, if you can, to improve your home working capability, or do you make do with what you have?

Under UK Taxation rules if you already have broadband at home it can’t be claimed as a legitimate business expense as its not possible to separate home use from business use. 


Why Trogon Broadband Boost can be claimed as an expense

Trogon Broadband Boost can be claimed as a legitimate business expense.  This means you can enhance your inadequate home broadband to meet your new working from home needs and claim the cost as an expense.

This is because Trogon Broadband Boost is a differentiated business service that can be applied to work devices only.  You can demonstrate that this is a business-only service and therefore claimable.

To find out more about the UK Taxation Rules for broadband here.

We launched Trogon Broadband Boost last year in response to the large number of customers who needed an enhanced broadband service to allow them to work from home effectively.

We knew that many people had broadband speeds which meant they couldn’t effectively work from home and they would have to go to the office or drive to a local public Wi-Fi hot spot.  However, the Coronavirus Pandemic has meant that those individuals don’t now have a choice.  They have to work at home.

Trogon Broadband Boost gives  our customers the option to quickly and effectively enhance their broadband for work use and claim it as a legitimate business expense on their tax return.

This service has been hugely popular particularly as it not only allows the home worker to enjoy faster service but also to deduct the costs from their tax liability.  

We’re seeing a huge take up in Broadband Boost users as companies realise that post-COVID office capacities mean that many workers will need to work from home for the next 12-18 months

Ian O'Bryan

Managing Director, Trogon