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We’re the Innovative ISP

Innovative is not a word many of us use to describe our internet service provider.

They employ a one size fits all approach, and if their service doesn’t fit they don’t have a solution for you.

Trogon is different.

Simple Connectivity

At Trogon, we take pride in providing connectivity where others can’t.

We use a mix of technologies to meet your business’s specific connectivity needs. 

Sometimes we use two or even three technologies in parallel to give you the enterprise-grade service you need to keep you operational.

Ubiquitous Connectivity

At Trogon, we excel at overcoming engineering challenges to deliver the speed, performance and quality that your business needs to succeed.

If our standard solutions don’t fit, we develop a bespoke solution just for you. 

We’re not infallible.  We just haven’t failed yet.

Unique Connectivity

At Trogon, no matter how complex your connectivity solution, we commit to keeping your experience simple. 

We connect your business and keep you connected, its as simple as that. 

We enjoy being inventive.  We’re the Innovative ISP.

Trogon Connectivity Technologies

Technology underpins our unique service approach.

Trogon uses a wide selection of access technologies to deliver our enterprise-grade connectivity. We often combine different technologies to deliver the connectivity services that meet our customers’ needs.

Connectivity Technologies

Cellular Access

Microwave Access

Fibre Access

Satellite Access

Cellular Access

Smart Phone

SIM-based connectivity using public mobile networks

Trogon uses a wide range of ETSI mobile technologies to connect customers including GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE and shortly 5G. For high-speed data connectivity, 4G/LTE is most commonly used. Mobile connectivity enables rapid deployment.

In very remote areas cellular access may require the combination of two or more mobile operator signals to provide the required bandwidth for business connectivity. Cellular access is a key technology behind the Resilient Connection service.

Microwave Access

Microwave Access

Dedicated high-bandwidth wireless links

Trogon regularly uses microwave links to connect a remote location to the nearest point-of-presence (PoP). P2P Microwave is a robust and effective method to provide connection and significantly cheaper than the £20k per kilometre to provide an underground fibre connection.

At the premises, P2P and P2MP microwave can be used to distribute connectivity between buildings or to cover an outdoor area. Microwaves can be deployed in resilient configurations.

Fibre Access

Fibre Access

Ultra-high-speed fixed optical-fibre connectivity

Trogon deploys fibre to provide the highest speed, highest quality internet connection. Fibre is the only technology that can provide gigabit speed connectivity.

Fibre can be deployed underground for maximum protection or run overhead between telegraph poles.

Trogon work in partnership with several major housebuilders to deploy fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) in new housing developments.


Satellite Access

Satellite Access

Global connectivity for remote areas or resilience

Trogon uses satellite technology to connect the most remote onshore and off-shore locations. Satellite now has the high-bandwidth to support micro and small businesses.

However, the nature of satellite means there can be high-latency or delay, this means it may not be appropriate for all applications. Satellite provides a proven resilient link, as the connectivity of last resort for business resilience.

Some companies deploy a satellite-based Resilient Link to maintain their most important functions if the main connection fails.

Unlike many ISPs Trogon doesn’t rely upon a single technology for a single customer.

  Trogon often brings multiple technologies together in combination to provide the bandwidth, performance and resilience required to meet your business connectivity requirements.

Introducing...Trogon Bespoke Solutions

Trogon Bespoke solutions cater for the most difficult connectivity challenges.

We have developed bespoke solutions for customers whose businesses are underground, or in the high-arctic.


We can do the same for you.


We’re not infallible. We just haven’t failed yet.


Trogon Bespoke Solutions

Trogon specialises in delivering connectivity in challenging locations. Our engineers have overcome numerous challenges to ensure our customers get the best connectivity.


Developing Bespoke Solutions

Trogon is different from other ISPs. Our enterprise-grade connectivity solutions are based on your needs and circumstances.

We base our solutions on a number of geospatial and business factors.  Instead of trying to make a standard approach to fit your unique circumstances, we develop a unique solution for your unique circumstances.

No other ISP uses this approach.

Trogon the Innovative ISP

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