Agile ISP

We’re the Agile ISP

Agile is not a word many of us use to describe our internet service provider.  Trogon is different. 

Delivered Rapidly

At Trogon we pride ourselves in delivering your connectivity rapidly.  In an emergency, for all but the most remote locations, we deliver your service the next day.

The average quoted for consumer internet in the UK is three weeks, or two weeks if a landline is already installed*. 

The next fastest ISP quotes ten days.  Trogon is up to ten times faster than our nearest competitor.

Delivered Anywhere

At Trogon we specialise in delivering enterprise-grade connectivity anywhere, even to the 2% of premises in the UK in remote locations that other ISPs can’t reach.

We have customers using our services across Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.  We have customers using our services from South-Africa to Svalbard, in the Arctic Circle. 

Your business is not too remote for us.

Delivered Robustly

At Trogon we know that you rely upon your connectivity to operate your business. 

We know that sometimes standard, out-of-the-box solutions don’t work and that you need in-built resilience not only to connect your business but to keep it connected.

Sometimes that means we have to be inventive, but that’s okay, we’re the Agile ISP.  We connect your business when and where you need it, every time.

*Source: report “How long does it take to install broadband?” April 2019

Trogon Services

Trogon’s internet connectivity and managed network service portfolio

Connectivity Services

Trogon Remote Links

Trogon Enterprise Connectivity

High speed, reliable internet for businesses

Enterprise Connectivity is Trogon’s Flagship Service.  Trogon provides high-speed, high-reliability internet services to a specific business location. 

Unlike many ISPs, at Trogon we use multiple technologies individually or in combination to provide the bandwidth and performance for your business needs. 

Enterprise Connectivity provides unique performance and robust 24/7/365 support.

Trogon Remote Links

High-speed inter-building connectivity extension

 Remote Links is the service for those premises in the most remote locations and is used in combination with Enterprise Connectivity. 

Remote Links connect your business to the internet using wireless point-to-point (P2P) technologies.  Remote Links can also be used to distribute connectivity across a farm complex, campus or housing development. 

This service is one way that Trogon delivers internet to areas that other ISP’s can’t.

Trogon Broadband Boost

Broadband Boost is an enhancement to existing low-speed internet

Broadband Boost is a service used to deliver premises with low-speed connectivity a service suitable for a business rather than a consumer.

Broadband Enhancement uses additional technologies such as cellular and satellite, bonded to your existing internet service to create a high-speed, high performance suitable for business.

Trogon Resilient Connection

Connectivity Insurance – dedicated back-up for business continuity

Resilient Connection is effectively an insurance service for businesses where their internet connectivity represents a single point of failure to business operations.

Resilient Connection provides a separate dedicated internet connection as a back-up or failover to the main business connectivity. 

When loss of connectivity can be measured in £thousands per hour, Resilient Connection ensures that mission-critical operations can continue in the event of a connectivity failure.

Many companies that take the Enterprise Connectivity service as an interim solution, migrate the service to Resilient Connection in perpetuity.

Managed Network Services

Trogon Network Management

Trogon Network Configuration

Network engineering and configuration for business-critical services

Trogon Enterprise Network Configuration is a set-up service for businesses that may have complex requirements for their network. 

The network may require a virtual local area network (VLAN) for security, a secure virtual private network (VPN), CCTV or even PDQ card payment processing which have to be set up correctly to enable the business.

Enterprise Network Configuration is a one-off service for new customers with complex requirements.

Trogon Network Management

Dedicated ultra-secure, high-performance SD-WAN managed network

Trogon Enterprise Network Management is an ongoing service for customers that have specific high-performance network requirements. 

Typically, Enterprise Network Management is used to create and manage a dedicated high-speed, high quality of service and low latency SD-WAN similar to multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). 

This service can be used by anyone who needs a remote but secure reliable connection.

Trogon Encrypted Connectivity

Ultra-secure, high-speed wireless connectivity for confidential data

Encrypted Connectivity is a service used to connect two or more locations for sharing highly confidential or sensitive information. 

The service uses point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (P2MP) wireless connections to transmit confidential data. 

This service is currently in use by the NHS to connect temporary surgeries and hospitals to access NHS Patient Records.

Trogon Emergency Services Remote Connectivity (ESRC)

Service for certified connectivity to the UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN)

Trogon – Emergency Services Remote Connectivity (ESRC) is a unique service.  Some customers need to connect directly to the UK’s Emergency Services Network for security or healthcare. 

The UK ESN uses 4G/LTE mobile connectivity on the EE/BT mobile network which covers 99% of the UK population but only 90% geographical coverage.

ESRC uses all the UK mobile networks to create a multi-carrier, resilient connection that gives 99% geographical coverage. 

ESRC is the only ESN certified solution that provides this service.

Introducing...Trogon Digital Home

Digital Home is Trogon’s latest service for the construction industry and homeowners.

Digital Home provides Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fibre-thru-the-Home for new build homes. Digital Home provides high-speed, high-performance internet in every room on the day you move in.

Trogon Digital Home

Fibre-to-the-Home and Fibre-thru-the-Home.

For many new housing developments, ISPs won’t connect the property until the address is registered with Royal Mail and the resident orders an internet service. 

The service which may take over three weeks to connect brings fibre to the property but creates issues with distributing connectivity through the house.  This especially challenging in low-carbon developments where thermal glass and insulation impede Wi-Fi signals.

Trogon Digital Home provides fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and fibre-thru-the-home meaning that every property using Digital Home has a gigabit-capable connection to every room. Added to that Digital Home is installed by the developer, and can be activated on the first day of occupation*.

* Based on a Trogon Service Agreement

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