Enhancing Remote Working with Trogon Broadband Boost

Enhancing Remote Working with Trogon Broadband Boost

How do you work effectively at home when your broadband sucks?

Before 2020 people working in remote, or simply poorly served, locations oftent had to make do with residential broadband services that were sub-optimal.  They may have been able to access low band-width services such as email and internet banking but high band-width services such as video-streaming or video-conferencing would not work. This meant for many people effective home working would be impossible.

Before 2020 people in that situation had the option of travelling into their office to benefit from the fast internet speeds needed for enterprise activities.  They had a choice.

Covid-19 Pandemic

However, in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic changed all of that.  Government advice in the UK was to stay home and work from home if possible.

Huge numbers of office-based companies changed to home-based overnight.  For people with good internet connectivity this transition was smooth.  However, for those employees who weren’t able to get a suitable broadband connection for their type of business this was a problem.  Often it was compouned by a number of people working from the same location trying to share the same limited broadband resources.

The Challenge

This created a major challenge for both employers and employees.  Without an adequate broadband service the employee couldn’t be productiove and the employer would see further reduced productivity.

Long Lead times for replacement services

The obvious solution would be to upgrade the residential broadband service, but in many cases for rural residents there are limietd services and choice of vendors.

The other challenge facing the major internet service providers (ISPs) was that service installation required access to the home.

The typical lead time for installing a business broadband service is twelve weeks, which represents a huge amout of lost productivity.  So what was the solution?

Introducing Trogon Broadband Boost

Trogon, the Innovative Internet Service Provider, has developed a service that addresses this need.  Broadband Boost is an innovative service that augments an existing residential broadband service that is sub-optimal for business use.

Broadband Boost combines multiple technologies with the existing fixed broadband service.  The technologies deployed vary, because Trogon use different technologies to ensure that an enterprise-grade service can be delivered.

Broadband Boost often uses cellular technology, 3G or 4G/LTE, connections from one or more mobile operators, but sometimes in very remote areas they may deploy satellite or microwave links.

Broadband Boost can be rapidly deployed, typically within forty-eight hours, and enables effective broadband capable of supporting the majority of services needed for a modern business.

Boost don’t replace

Trogon’s approach is to boost your existing broadband service by bonding it with other technologies.  This approach is fast and cost effective.


Effective Business Model

The employer typically pays for the upgrade to the broadband service, as they benefit from the employees increased productivity. This means the service isn’t an unnecessary burden on the employee.  If you think you or your company could benefit from the Trogon Broadband Boost service or you’d like to find out more please contact us.