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Learn how Trogon protected Berkeley's business with Resilient Connectivity.

Berkeley Homes deployed Trogon Resilient Connectivity to ensure business continuity to the sales and Marketing suite of the Green Park development in Reading, Berkshire.

Berkley Homes is one of the foremost luxury house builders in the UK.  Multi-million-pound housing developments rely on off-plan sales, with new residents buying properties based on show homes before the development is completed. 

This means that the sales and marketing suite, often a temporary structure, is critical to business success.  The marketing suite needs excellent connectivity to manage appointments and allow customers to specify and customise their new home.

However, maintaining fixed-line connectivity on any active building site is problematic.  Quite simply the lines keep being dug up. Considering the price of luxury houses, one lost sale or reservation due to an outage has huge financial implications.

At one site, Green Park Village, Berkley asked Trogon to provide a solution to prevent loss of connectivity and interruption of business.  Trogon implemented their Trogon Resilient Link service, using cellular connectivity to provide a high-speed, reliable back-up to their mainstream connection. 

 Resilient connectivity to the Green Park Sales and Marketing Suite is essential for business continuity and to ensure that future homeowners always have a great customer experience.

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About Berkeley:

Berkeley Group is a British property developer based in Cobham, Surrey. The group is known for it’s luxury and executive developments.

Berkeley Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and is a FTSE100 company.

The group employs around 2,600 staff (2019) with an annual turnover of £2.9 billion (2019).

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