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We’re the Trusted ISP

Trusted is not a word many use to describe their internet service provider. 

The industry performs poorly with net promoter scores (NPS) as low as minus seven*. 

Trogon is different. 

Our customers trust us to deliver exceptional customer service and we do.

Trusted Service

At Trogon, we listen to our customers and never make commitments we can’t meet. 

We understand that business connectivity is essential to your success. 

We work in partnership so that this aspect of your business simply isn’t a problem.

We are trusted to deliver exceptional service.

Trusted Security

At Trogon, we know that data security is critical. 

Data breaches or compromised networks can result in huge fines. 

We engineer our services to provide highly secure and resilient connectivity. 

We are trusted to deliver a secure service.

Trusted Resilience

At Trogon, we know that our customers don’t just want to be connected quickly. 

We know that you want an internet service provider that maintains the best-in-class service, in terms of reliability, availability and performance. 

We are trusted to keep your business connected.

It is a bold claim, but we are a bold company.  We’re the trusted ISP.

*Source: Ofcom Customer Satisfaction Tracker 2019


Customer Case Studies

Read about the experience of four of our customers in terms of our agility, innovation and trustworthiness

Trogon has over twenty customers with connectivity solutions deployed at over six hundred live sites.

Trogon is the leading provider of connectivity to the UK Luxury Housing market.

At Trogon we listen to our customers, and you should too.

Case Studies



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Trogon Remote Links Service

Small Office/Home Office (SoHo)

Trogon provides enterprise-grade connectivity to small offices and home offices to provide customers with an internet service they can trust.


The Coronavirus Pandemic has accelerated a trend for home working, and many companies have been forced to adopt home working at short notice.

Until a vaccine is found and mass inoculation takes place many companies expect their employees to work mainly at home until at least mid-2021.

This creates challenges for employees in remote or rural areas.  The Universal Service Obligation (USO) in the UK requires a minimum of 10Mbit/s connectivity, but for a household, or anyone working in the creative or software industries this is not a viable service.

We developed Trogon Broadband Booster for exactly this scenario.  Broadband Booster is installed alongside the householders existing residential internet service and combines other technologies to provide an enterprise-grade internet service that supports corporate VPN.

Broadband Booster may be the solution for your employees who are unable to work productively at home.

Trogon the Trusted ISP

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