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Our Products & Services

Emergency Connectivity

Shipped to site ready to deploy, our cloudcase connectivity solutions allow you to get online fast whatever the emergency.

Plug in & Turn On

Completely self contained, our cloudcase products can require no onsite engineering. Simply plug it in and turn it on to get connected.

Broadband Speeds Anywhere

Using 3G/4G/LTE (and satellite if needed), your site and staff benefit from reliable high speed connectivity – wherever they are located.

Reliability Through Diversity

Combine Cellular, Satellite and Fixed line connectivity to provide a diverse, highly reliable internet connection with automatic failover.

Secure Connectivity

Extend your enterprise WAN to anywhere easily over cellular using 256bit AES encryption.

Easy Remote Management

Manage all of your locations from a single cloud based management interface, with full remote access and granular control of all settings.

Easy Remote Monitoring

Use cloud based remote monitoring and reporting to visualise network health and usage in real time, track device locations with inbuilt GPS.

Active Bandwidth Management

Block categories of websites, restrict bandwidth for guests, prioritise business critical applications, and easily identify heavy bandwidth users.

Enterprise WAN Mobility

Extend your enterprise WAN into business vehicles, connect securely from buses, vans, mobile homes and marine environments.

Trogon delivers enterprise cellular internet connectivity to your business.

Built to provide the best possible internet service anywhere, the cloudcase® range of enclosures takes the world’s best Cellular Routers and hugs them with complementary hardware – improving performance and providing a complete portable go anywhere solution.

Cloudcase From Trogon

Purposefully designed from the outset to deliver internet connectivity in hard to reach places, the Cloudcase from Trogon provides reliable secure internet connectivity wherever it is needed.

Presented in a rugged, mobile, easy to transport package, the Cloudcase is a complete, self contained internet connectivity solution.

Incorporating an industrial grade multi-WAN capable cellular router, wifi and cellular antennas as well as an external ethernet connection, the cloud case can be positioned wherever it is needed to deliver High Speed Internet, secure, fully managed, wired and wireless internet connectivity.

It’s small form factor and versatile power options enable its use in vehicles, on boats and even in body worn applications.


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