We are simply dependable.

Trogon use innovative technologies to ensure you get the service you need to operate your business effectively.

As a customer your experience is exceptional. 

We connect where others can’t.

 Trogon specialise in delivering connectivity to challenging locations, locations that ordinary service providers can’t reach.

Sometimes this means creating solutions just for you.

We keep your business connected.

Trogon’s customers trust them to provide an exceptional, secure, and dependable service, if things go wrong, we fix them quickly, quietly and without a fuss. Trogon specialise in delivering rapidly and can connect you in less than 24 hours.

We work in partnership with you.

Trogon is not an ordinary service provider. We know you need high-speed, dependable connectivity, delivered as a streamlined service, with robust, collaborative support if things go wrong.

With us you are Simply Connected

You can trust us to manage every aspect of your connectivity, openly and honestly and in partnership.

Simply a trusted service

Our customers tell us we provide an excellent service

Trogon is the leading provider of connectivity to the UK Construction Industry, providing connectivity to over 600 sites. 


Trogon delivers connectivity to customers in healthcare, retail, construction, education, agriculture and defence from South Africa to the North Pole.


Trogon’s customers include:

Trogon’s customers include:

Customer Testimonials

We gain 95% of our customers through referral today. This is what they say about us:

Trogon is exceptional in its willingness and ability to support the needs of our business.

They are very flexible and able to ensure that we have internet connection and networks working long before a BT connection would have been possible. 

Trogon are always professional, solve-problems and look after us exceptionally well. I would fully recommend Trogon and their services to any developer.

The ease of using the service is second to none and the support is outstanding.

I do not know of another company that it able to provide such superb cover and is able to fix issues in such a timely manner.

An outstanding company.


Area Sales Manager, Redrow Housing

Luxury Housing Development

Benson’s Fruit Juices distribute to the national Trust, Nandos and the Tate Gallery.

Their remote rural location meant the internet service that was critical for managing their supply chain was inadequate and unreliable.

Will Ruxton

Business Development Director, Benson’s Fruit Juices

Benson’s Fruit Juices selected Trogon as their new internet supplier, getting ten-times faster speed and reliable connectivity their business could depend upon.

Their rural location meant that for any other ISP providing an enterprise-grade service was a challenge.

Trogon deployed a Cloud Case™ to provide  Connectivity.

Apple Tree
Apple Tree

More than simply connectivity

Trogon specialise in connecting your business, but we do more than simply connecting you, because we know that sometimes businesses need more.

Connectivity Services

Trogon Enterprise Connectivity

Trogon Resilient Connectivity

Trogon Broadband Boost

Trogon Resilient Links

Managed Network Services

Enterprise Network Configuration

Enterprise Network Management

Enterprise Encrypted Connectivity

Emergency Services Remote Connectivity

Trogon’s Connectivity Services provide the best-in-class connectivity to businesses to enable their business-critical operations.  However, many customers have complex network needs in terms of security, encryption, CCTV or electronic payments over and above the need for pure connectivity.  For these customers Trogon offer a series of managed services to set up networks, create and manage secure links, encrypt data and even connect directly with the UK’s Emergency Services Network in very remote areas. 

Trogon not only provides ubiquitous connectivity; it provides the unique requirements that your business needs to operate successfully.

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